About Jean McKoy


A Passion for People and Skincare

I have always had  a passion for helping others look beautiful and a passion for  healthy skin ever since I was a little girl. Today I have the chance most people only dream of;- which is doing what I love and owing my own business in the skin care arena.

When I created Faces Skin Care Centers I wanted to  differentiate myself from other professional skin care businesses by providing professional advice, exceptional customer service, and after hours accessibility with a team of knowledgeable licensed Aesthetic Professionals.

Faces Skin Care & Beauty Centers by Jean McKoy offers an award-winning beauty oasis with the singular goal of pampering and educating  people on healthy skincare management. My vision is to build a brand that consumers trust and believe in. A brand that is  dedicated to the health and wellness of our clients well being both inwardly and outwardly. 

We are an exclusive product and information resource for both our clients and skin care professionals who  seek a smart scientific approach to regenerating skin wellness and beautification.

Our mission is to become the go to place where consumers can experience  the best skin care treatments, products, and education as it pertains to skin and digestive health.

As founder and CEO of this brand I welcome you into our family,

Jean McKoy,

Licensed Esthetician and Skin Coach

Licensed Paramedical specializing in Semi-Permanent Makeup