About Jean McKoy


A Passion for People and Skincare

Faces Skin Care & Beauty Centers by Jean McKoy offers an award-winning beauty oasis of friendly service and the comforts wellness.

Growing up I have always had  a passion for helping others look beautiful naturally. I had a passion for  healthy skin and cosmetics ever since I was a little girl, and today  I have the chance most people only dream of, and that is  doing what I love and owing my own skincare business.

When I created Faces Skin Care Centers I wanted to  differentiate myself from other skin care professionals by providing education on how to look beautiful naturally through achievement of healthy skin from the inside out. 

Most people don't truly understand the phrase "You are what you eat" and food can cause problems in the skin such as inflammation and bacteria.

With over 9 years experience in the business; treating and teaching skin health and education to thousands of people has been a great joy seeing skin changes.

my  vision is to build a brand that clients trust and believe in. A brand that is  dedicated to the health and wellness of the skins well being both inwardly and outwardly. 

Welcome to Faces Skincare Centers I look forward to serving you soon.

Jean McKoy,

Licensed Esthetician and Skin Coach

Licensed Paramedical specializing in Semi-Permanent Makeup